Alcey Monroe & Dane Cruse

Under the Covers Series

  ~Dane Cruse~ He’s a sexy playboy and NYC model. ~Alcey Davenport~ She’s a snarky ex-celeb who hates models. Everyone has secrets. Can Dane and Alcey keep them #UnderTheCovers or will keeping secrets tear them apart? After a contentious childhood in the spotlight, all celebrity legacy Alcey Davenport wants is a life behind the camera, … Read More


Perfectly Flawed

Keeping Secrets is impossible when Labels & Lovers Collide #Under the Covers, Book One After a contentious childhood, all former model and TV star Alcey Davenport-Monroe wants is a career behind the camera and to be free from her mother’s control. But after graduating from college, she accepts an internship working for her favorite author’s … Read More

Cade & Zoe

Eternal Sacrifice Series

Genesis The original human bloodline, charged with protecting humanity and ensuring the continuation of humanity ~Full Length Novels~ ~ Gemini ~ TBP June 21, 2016 The Tree of Souls is empty, and Cade is out of time.  Can Zoe trust herself enough to choose a life with Cade, or will she turn her back on … Read More


Gemini: Eternal Sacrifice, Book One

Twin Souls. One Sacrifice. Is the fate of humanity and forgotten love worth dying for, or is five incarnations more than one soul can take? As protectors of the Tree of Souls in Aravot, Genesis Elders Cade and Zoe Adams are responsible for ensuring its protection and every millennium, its replenishing. But there’s only one … Read More


Young Adult Novels

Under the Covers YA Series: Liv & Kit Cruse       After their mother’s death, Dane Cruse’s sixteen year old twin sisters are sent to a private performing arts high school in NYC. This YA novel will follow the lives of the twins as they learn about life, love, and keeping secrets in the city. Books … Read More


Single Title Novels

              You will find my single title romance novels here. I will update these as the projects are completed. Happy Reading! XO, Dylan



 Gemini is LIVE!

Northwestern University senior Zoe Adams has spent her fifth incarnation on the run. Abused and abandoned by those she once trusted, Zoe turns her back on a duty her soul accepted lifetimes ago to focus on a music career in this one. Until her Gemini’s untimely arrival forces Zoe to choose between a love she can’t remember and a life she’s always dreamed of.

Cade Adams has waited twenty-one years to reclaim his beloved soul mate, but his elation is short lived. As Zoe struggles to let go of her human life, demons from Cade and Zoe’s past threaten the Gemini, and they find themselves living on borrowed time.

The Tree of Souls is empty, and only the Eternal Sacrifice can refill it. Is forgotten love worth dying for, or is five incarnations more than one soul can take? With more than just the fate of their reunion at stake, love becomes an Eternal Sacrifice Zoe and Cade may not escape.

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